dancing, dancing! non-stop my dancing
dancing, dancing! let me do!

(this is my old, outdated carrd! go here for my new one)

about me! ☆

hi! my name is charlie!
i go by he/him pronouns
i speak spanish and english and i am currently learning german!
i'm a minor!
i'm trans, bisexual and taken!

extra info

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before you follow

- adults can follow, just don't be creepy
- i usually fb if you have a carrd/listo and/or we have mutuals in common
- please tell me if i ever do something that makes you uncomfortable!
- please tag smoking* and eyelessness
*(drawings are ok)

don't follow if

- general dni criteria (lgbt+phobic, racist, ableist, TERF, incest/pedo supporter, etc)
- you hate my favourite characters
- you know me irl
- you're going to make fun of me and/or my friends
- you want to drag me/my friends into discourse

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interests! (click on the underlined ones to know more!)

- love live! (project/sunshine/all stars)
- bang! dream (gbp*/aaside)
- revue starlight
- ensemble stars!!
- act! addict! actors!

* = i love garupa but i probably won't talk it about too much. i'm not a member of bandoritwt anymore, please respect that.

- languages
- geography/history
- acting
- writing
- drawing (i post my art sometimes! please do not repost/save my art unless i allow you to do so.)

other stuff i like

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favourite characters!

- ll: hanayo, kanan, umi, emma, nico, honoka
- bandori gbp: maya, ran, kasumi, hina, hagumi
- bandori aaside: aoi, koharu, shuu
- revstar: meifan, maya, rui, karen, junna, claudine, nana
- enstars: nazuna, hinata, yuuta, hajime, natsume, tomoya
- a3: yuki, muku, hisoka, taichi, azami, misumi, homare

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♡ lovemail page for my faves ♡

yuki rurikawa and hanayo koizumi are my favourite characters ever. i don't know where i would be today without them. they make me happy just by being there, and i owe them a lot. they have helped me in many different ways and i don't think i could explain my love for them with words.

    ♡ with hanayo ♡

      ♡ with yuki ♡

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      friends ♡
      i love all of my mutuals, but i love these people a lot! they're all very important to me!! thank you for being there!

      anto, blaky, bleu, bri, dev, eco, fuyu, irene, jasmine, kylian, kyuu, leon, lucia, luna, marian, mayu, mei, meka, miki, morgan, otori, romeo, rune, sabe, sky, yurika, zylphe!

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      more about me ☆

      - my mbti is enfj-t and my enneagram is 3w2
      - i'm a scorpio, born oct 28th
      - i love talking to people so feel free to dm me!
      - i'm a kinnie, unfortunately
      - i might rt-spam sometimes, usually fanart
      - i tend to get very affectionate with people. please tell me if this bothers you!
      - i lovemail my favourite characters (esp. yuki rurikawa) very often. if that bothers you, please leave
      - i sometimes talk about irl things (usually good stuff though. i try to keep all the negativity in my priv)

      ships: chikadia, rinpana, honoumi, shizuai
      units: μ's, aqours, a-rise
      subunits: printemps, azalea, lily white, qu4rtz

      ships: misahagu, kokohina, kaotsugumaya, saayarimi, lisachisa
      bands: pastel*palettes, afterglow, popipa

      ships: meikira, junyuyu, tamarui, mayakuro, mayakaren
      schools: siegfeld, rinmeikan, seishou

      ships: tomohaji, yuushino, natsusora
      units: ra*bits, 2wink, valkyrie, switch, knights
      other: class 1-b, theater club

      ships: mukuyuki, tensaku, taiyuki, azayuki
      troupes: summer, autumn

      thank you so much for reading until the end!
      stan a-rise!

      > restart?

      other stuff i like
      (aka music that isn't from certain franchises lol)

      herosyn, babymetal, everglow, red velvet, iz*one, fromis_9, tulia, mafumafu, soraru, amatsuki